Welcome to Bushwalking Queensland

June 26th, 2010

Welcome everyone to Bushwalking Qld’s new Blog site.  This site has been provided to keep you all up-to-date with events, walks, camps and other bushwalking news throughout the region.  Rather than having to go to every club’s site to find out what is happening you will be able to check out this site for everything that is happening throughout the state.

Please email any content you would like posted to blogadmin@bushwalkingqueensland.org.au

Hey there… (from the BWQ president)

Bushwalking can be defined as the act of walking for recreation through a natural or near natural landscape. While bushwalking is an activity that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone of any age, bushwalking activities of course can cover much variation in scope, for example, the grade of walk, distance traveled, pace of travel, gradient, the weight of one’s pack, difficulty of terrain, vegetation and weather conditions.

You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started but a few common sense decisions such as wearing appropriate walking shoes, taking water, sun and weather protection and a basic first aid kit, not walking alone and telling someone where you are going will usually result in an enjoyable day in the bush.

But, better still – why not join a club  .

The bushwalking club network has evolved over the last 60 years in Queensland to cater for those who seek something more challenging beyond the usual tourist tracks, and to pool the collective knowledge of club members to enable them to walk and camp safely in the bush.

Bushwalking Queensland Inc. (BWQ) is the state body representing the interests of 24 affiliated clubs.  We organise events such as annual combined camps, administer a group insurance cover for the clubs, and liaise with government for improved access and amenity for bushwalkers in our national park estate and other natural areas.

BWQ is also actively pursuing publicity for Qld. bushwalking clubs, this blog is one of those initiatives.

More info about the club network can be found on these links:     

Bushwalking Queensland

Bushwalking Australia

 There is also an Australia wide bushwalkers Forum where discussions, requests for walking party participants or transport, sale of equipment, etc. can be conducted.    


  Browse a while, get involved, happy walking, and we might see you down the track ……

 John Marshall

BWQ  President